GFX Designs

★★★ Hello Summoners & Streamers ! ★★★

Im Alice and I love Graphic design, so I offer:

► OVERLAYS (Stream) || example:
► ICONS (Profile, ect) || example:
► BANNERS (Youtube, Facebook) || example:

► other Stuff, ask me /pm.

★★ How to Request a Design? ★★

Just /PM me ::

● What Design do u want: Banner, Overlay ect.
● Fav. Character/Champion/ Picture on that Design (also put a link from that character)
● pref. Colour or Style (Cyber, Gothic, Colourful ect..)


● Screen resolution OR a Screenshot of your Ingame (for Overlays)
● the Price you would pay for it (from 5 €+)


★★ Prizes: ★★

!!!! Because of a huge amount of requests and because i need time for it, I ask for a small donation, because good Art isn't free!
It depends on the editing time of the Banner. Prizes varies from 5 to 30 (€, but $ is accepted, too.)
Sometimes I also do FREE WORK, but it will be less detailed and will be free to use for everyone, which means its not Unique! 

You can pay by using Paypal or Stream Donations. (If you use a diffrent pay method, talk to me!)
Donation Page: 

or my Stream Donation Page:

I also accept RP cards, Paysafecard codes ect. but talk to me about it first!

ty for reading and trusting my skills!!

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